Is it safe to use sex toys while pregnant?

Can you use sex toys when you are pregnant to ‘relax' before the baby arrives or is it a bad idea? Keep reading for the positives and negatives.

Is It Safe To Use Sex Toys While Pregnant?
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Is It Safe To Use Sex Toys While Pregnant?

To give their libido a little boost, some women turn to the help of toys to spice things up. One question that we've all wondered at one point or another: could sex toys have a negative effect on a woman if she uses them during pregnancy? Are there any risks involved?

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At first glance, it would seem that they don’t. Just like a penis, any phallic-like object is unlikely to negatively impact a woman’s pregnancy, especially when it comes to those that stimulate the clitoris. But beware of battery-powered objects, as the vibrations they create may not actually be that harmless…

Beware of the ultrasound

Sexologist Gérard Leleu spoke out on the subject in In the article, the specialist explained that there are some toys which women should definitely avoid when they arepregnant:

From the beginning of pregnancy, women should avoid using vibrating sex toys. The vibrations emitted by these sex toys come from ultrasound and we don’t know much about the repercussions this could have for the foetus. On the other hand, the noise caused by a vibrator could also disturb a baby’s natural environment.

A restrictive ‘ban’?

For those who are opposed to using sex toys during pregnancy, they can always try something new instead - relearning how to touch themselves again:

Relearn the finesse of your hands and rediscover the benefits of hand stimulation. Very mechanical sex toys can quickly become addictive. So much so in fact that we sometimes forget the effects that our own hands can have.

A woman’s postpartum best friend?

According to the expert, using sex toys after childbirth could be quite advantageous:

By using sex toys, young women are more ‘in control’ than they are when making love to their partner. As a result, this can help women who have just given birth to reconnect with their bodies and gently resume their sex life.

What about you? Are you a fan of sex toys?

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