Spitting during sex is a common practice, but is it safe?

We take a look at spit kinks: what are they and how can you enjoy them safely?

Is spitting sexy?
Is spitting sexy?

Saliva, actually has more merit inside the bedroom than we give it credit for! Just think about it...Saliva plays a key role in oral sex and foreplay, and is also used as lube in a pinch (although real lube is always better).

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Beyond the more practical uses for spit in the bedroom, there are many who are satisfied by saliva in a more direct way. Normally practised by those in a dominant/submissive dynamic, or just in general for those who like to play around with consensual degradation, the spit kink is only growing in its popularity and normalisation.

So, we thought it important to go over the 'why' for spit kinks and how to engage safely, whilst still keeping it saucy.

To spit or get spat on?

So, you want someone to spit in your mouth… Should you?  Getty Images

What about getting spit on is so hot? Well, many sexperts have postulated the same question.

This is an especially good query because the act of spitting on someone is usually seen as disrespectful in most cultures. However, the power dynamic is what brings the fire to the situation.

Since spitting is such a taboo act, the spitterasserts authority and domination by doing the act and the spittee enjoys being 'defiled' in that way. So it turns out, the disrespectful nature of the gesture in the streets is what can make it hot and sexy in the sheets.

How to swap spit safely

So, if this sounds like something that would turn you on, here's how to give it a go safely!

Firstly, it’s important to point out that saliva does have some mild acids in it that are used to help break down food before it goes down. So, if you get saliva on the vagina, penis, or anus, just be sure to quickly care for those areas afterwards to avoid irritation.

Secondly, oral hygiene is definitely important. Make sure your mouth is as clean as possible, as saliva can carry bacteria and viruses. This is also important as STI’s can as well be transmitted through spit.

Finally, be sure to communicate very well with your partner. The spit kink is associated with consensualdegradation and humiliation. As with anything in this territory, boundaries and aftercareto ensure you and your partner are in a good emotional space are crucial!

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