This rarely used sex position is called ‘the tractor’ and here’s why

You probably might not have heard of this rarely performed sex position. Although a little exerting, this position can add spice to your sex life.

What is the tractor sex position and how can you perform it
What is the tractor sex position and how can you perform it

Are you obsessed with, tractors, gigantic tires and constant motion? Then this article is exactly for you and your partner!

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Do you wish to try something more adventurous in your bedroom? This position will add the spice you need for sure. Although the name might bring a frown to your face, the mechanics of this position will surprise you.

The tractor position

No, this is not a role-play situation where you put on your overalls and go operate a tractor in a potato field. The tractor positionmakes you work your arms, your balance and your lumbar region. The tractor position is quite similar to the wheelbarrow position, as explained by StyleCaster.


This is a famous position from the Kamasutra. The penetrated person positions themselves on their stomach and raises themselves with the strength of their arms. The person who penetrates grabs the legs of the person penetrated and holds them in the air. The person receiving the act is then supported only by their hands. The silhouette of the position is similar to that of a tractor, hence the name.

Handle with care

However, as reported by Metro, the sex is not vaginal but anal. Atypical but above all sporty, the tractor positionrequires a certain amount of effort and good coordination for maximum penetration. As anal penetration is a little bit more work than vaginal penetration, it is advisable to take your time and use plenty of lubricants to avoid discomfort or pain.

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To make it easier, the person being penetrated can also rest on their elbows and not their hands. This will provide better stability. If, however, penetration is still painful for the person being penetrated, then it is suggested to avoid this position altogether.

This article is translated from Gentside FR.

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