Having sex in the morning could be beneficial to your health, according to this study

Is there an ideal time to make love? While some people prefer evening sex, others prefer early morning lovemaking. And that could have a few advantages...

sex morning beneficial health study relationship
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sex morning beneficial health study relationship

Bad breath, too tired, in need of a shower, late for work... Any excuse is good to get out of bed when you don't want to stay cozy and cuddle with your partner. However, a new study has found at least one good reason to stay!

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Productivity boost

Who hasn't needed an energy boost to get motivated and start the day off right? Instead of a glass of juice or a vitamin supplement, opt for THE natural solution that really works: having sex. Because no, making love isn't just for when it's dark, and yes, it gives you energy and drive for a good part of the day. And a study proves it.

According to Mattress Advisor's study of 1,000 couples, over 53% of men said they were more productive during the day when they'd had a morning romp. And for good reason: after an orgasm, your body is flooded with oxytocin, the hormone that makes you happier, ready to lift the impossible, feel less stressed. Also, and it's just as important, get closer to your partner. And everyone knows that love gives you wings...

Sacrificing sleep?

But that's not all: a romp can take time. And time is precious: those extra minutes could be used for a more leisurely breakfast, a quick look at the news or, quite simply... a little more sleep.

And once again, the results are astonishing! According to Mattress Adivsor:

More than half of those surveyed said they would give up morning sex for their first meal. Slightly more wouldn't give up their morning shower, and nearly 55% said they'd rather sleep a little longer than have an intimate moment in the morning.

Sex, OK, but not at the expense of a good breakfast and sleep!

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