Here's the dangerous reason why you should never have sex in the sea

Having sex in water can be a very exciting experience, but you'll see that it's not without risks.

This is why you shouldn't have sex on the beach
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This is why you shouldn't have sex on the beach

It is not uncommon to hear, among sex fantasies, which can have secret meanings, of others, a torrid midnight swim in a deserted sea. Or even a wild sexual encounter in the pool of a luxurious hotel during their week of vacation. Dreams that men and women often make come true, but... At their own risk. Because, no, it is not a legend, making love in the sea can be dangerous. And here are the risks!

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Having sex in a pool

Swimming pools and jacuzzis have the same problem. The chlorine present in the water treatment or the high temperatures can trigger the appearance of fungi and other bacteria. If the latter affects men less, they appear mostly in women. And you risk developing infections, such as mycosis and/or irritation.

If it is not serious in itself, and treatments are proposed in pharmacy, these itchings and this feeling of discomfort can easily spoil your holiday.

Having sex in the sea

Making love in the sea is not less risky. Indeed, it favours urinary infections. The salt and sand can also irritate your private parts. Another problem is that seawater reduces your natural lubrication, but also that of condoms. The latter can therefore crack and no longer act against STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) or unwanted pregnancies.

The penis stuck in the vagina: Legend or reality?

You've all heard at least once the story of the couple who end up in the emergency room, stuck after sex. But rest assured, if this phenomenon exists, it is extremely rare. It has a name, the 'penis captivus', or prisoner penis syndrome.

And indeed, in water, the back-and-forth movements can create a draft. This is called a suction cup effect. If this happens to you, here's a simple trick to 'unblock' the situation. If you fail, unfortunately, you will become 'that couple that ends up in the emergency room.'

Can you be fined for public sex?

In the UK, the laws around sex in a public space are complicated. For example, having sex in public toilets is against the law according to the Public Order Act 1986. However, in more recent years, the police have relaxed some of the rules.

Meaning that if you have sex in a public space, the chance of you getting arrested is only if members of the public complain. In 2009, the Association of Chief Police Officers released specific guidelines for policing 'Public Sex Environments' (PSE).

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)... is committed to making PSEs safer for both users and those who happen upon them when going about their daily business.

If you do get arrested, it would be due to outraging public decency, which can cause harassment and distress to others.

So if you do plan on having public sex, it is best to do it somewhere discreet where you are unlikely to get caught by passersby.

This article was translated from Ohmymag FR.

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Peegasm: This common sex trend can be dangerous and can cause serious health problems Peegasm: This common sex trend can be dangerous and can cause serious health problems