#NoNutNovember promises muscle growth but is this challenge dangerous for your health?

Every year, during the month of November, men choose to forgo the solitary pleasures... and for good reason.

No Nut November challenge masturbation
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No Nut November challenge masturbation

Every year, when November comes around, so does #NoNutNovember! Among the dead leaves carpeting the ground and the rain, comes a time when people who can ejaculate are asked to refrain. For several years now, this trend has been gaining ground on social networks and has even become a sacred ritual. Here's how it works.

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Where does #NoNutNovember come from?

Firstly, #NoNutNovember is a month during which men renounce masturbation and sexual relations. This frustrating challenge first appeared on several internet forums in the 2010s, before becoming an annual event.

According to oxfordonlinepharmacy, it appeared 'in the Urban Dictionary in 2011' but became increasingly popular 'on social media in 2017.'

Originally just a joke, and a wayof poking fun at those who couldn't resist temptation, this trend is now being used to fight a number of battles.

Abstinence as a sign of commitment

Depriving oneself of sex or solitary pleasure has become a way of combating the omnipresence of online sex and addiction to pornographic content. Some men even use this challenge for spiritual reasons and to master their chakras.

From a medical point of view, no study has proven the benefits of such a practice. While some experts argue that ejaculation is important for good health, others believe that abstinence is good for the mind.

The results promised by #NoNutNovember are:

  • 'muscle growth,
  • increased stamina
  • thicker hair
  • improved sperm quality
  • reduced stress
  • reduced anxiety
  • improved concentration
  • improved self-control
  • increased libido
  • reduction of erectile dysfunction'

The usefulness of the challenge may still be unclear, but one thing's for sure: November is also prostate cancer prevention month. So go and see a doctor!

This article has been translated from Oh!MyMag France.

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