Zodiac: These 3 signs are addicted to sex

Who are these 3 astrological signs completely addicted to sex?

These 3 zodiac signs are addicted to sex
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These 3 zodiac signs are addicted to sex

Some people are truly naughty under the sheets and it can be thanks to their zodiac sign! That's right, your zodiac sign can have an effect on your sex life.

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That means if you often crave intimacy under the sheets, it can be because of your zodiac sign! So are you one of the three signs that are the most addicted to sex? Find out below!


Kamasutra positions hold no secrets for you, and you're always asking for more from your other half, Scorpio! What's more, you're never tired and your libido is always at its peak. In a torrid mood, you love to surprise your partner by making love in ever more unusual places and love to find yourself body-to-body for a passionate and unforgettable night.

You love to surprise yourself and discover new and ever-crazier practices. For you, sex is an opportunity to escape routine, to satisfy all your urges, but above all for you, sex is the assurance of a love story that works.

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Fifty Shades Darker / Perfect World Pictures

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Aries is a fire sign so you're very sultry and therefore addicted to sex. If you need to live a fulfilling sex life, your other half is bound to keep pace with your overflowing ardour, Aries! If you're single, you don't hesitate to renew your conquests quickly - boredom is out of the question! As soon as you speak, it's to discuss sex with those around you. Whether indoors or outdoors, you are willing to get freaky with someone anywhere.

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Finally, Sagittarius has great seductive powers, loves sex and isn't ashamed of it! Eager for a free and fulfilling sex life, this fire sign can sometimes tire very quickly. They need to be constantly stimulated and don't shy away from outlandish experiments.

Finally, although Virgo and Cancerare astrological signs known for their great shyness, they are ashamed of nothing!

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Disclaimer: This article is to be taken with a pinch of salt (and not too seriously)!

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