Can you live without sex? Scientists give their answer

Have you ever wondered whether it's possible to live without having sex? Today, we give you the answer!

live without sex study
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live without sex study

Do human beings need to have sex to survive? To save you a few scares, we're going to tell you straight away that yes, physiologically a human being can live without having sex. And no, it's not a vital need like drinking or sleeping, for example.

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We're having less and less sex...

We can also think of people who have taken a vow of abstinence in their lives, or people who define themselves as asexual and who have little or no sexual intercourse... and who live it very well.

Now, if the latest studies on the average number of sexual encounters people have per month are anything to go by... the figure is only declining! In the early 90s, on average, people had sex five times a month. In 2010, it was 3 times a month.

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Watch Netflix or make love?

In fact, researcher David Spiegelhalter, a professor at the prestigious University of Cambridge, has carried out a survey and fears "the worst" for 2030. According to his analysis, we may well simply no longer make love! The reason for this decline in the desire to make love lies - among other things - in our hyper-connectivity. We're all too often on our smartphones, and always solicited by the outside world.

The way we over-consume information on every possible medium, the series available on streaming platforms that drive us to binge-watch... In short, we won't have time for sex anymore. A Wall Street Journal survey even found that 36% of 18-38 year-olds said they'd rather watch Netflix than have sex!

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Peegasm: This common sex trend can be dangerous and can cause serious health problems Peegasm: This common sex trend can be dangerous and can cause serious health problems