A British study suggests that sex could be more effective against insomnia than sleeping pills

According to a British study, sex (solo or with someone) could help you get a good night's sleep. An experiment worth trying out for insomniacs who have been failed by sleeping pills...

Sex could more effective than sleeping pills
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Sex could more effective than sleeping pills

Do you have trouble sleeping? We might have a solution for you. Actually, Oxford University might have a solution for you! According to a study researchers of the famous English university have conducted, a highly original method to help you get back to sleep without using sleeping pills exists. The study, published in May 2023 in the Journal of Sleep Research, sex could have positive effects on sleep.

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Let's look into this!

The benefit of sex before sleep

According to a survey for the French website Les-Matelas.fr, 77% of women and 63% of men suffer from sleep problems. To address this issues, researchers at Oxford University took upon themselves to prove that making love can help you fall asleep.

The authors of the study explain:

75% of respondents reported that they slept better after intercourse or an orgasm close to bedtime, and the majority reported a moderate improvement in sleep on those nights (when they had sex)

The authors added that:

The majority (64%) felt that medication had a similar or worse effect on their sleep

But what about single people you may ask? Well, you'll be happy to know that where there's a problem, there's a solution. If you're single and don't have access to a partner, know that the mere fact of having an orgasm can have the same sleep-inducing effect as having sex. That means that pleasuring yourself also does the trick!

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Hormones have a role to play

According to another study, this time conducted by the mattress company Emma, the hormones released after sex are thought to help you relax. When you have any kind of sexual activity, you release important hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin, which give a feeling of pleasure and relaxation. Dr Verena Senn said in Elle magazine that: 'at the same time, levels of cortisol - the stress hormone - fall, making it easier to fall asleep.'

However, the Oxford researchers specify that the panel of people surveyed were not affected by sexual trauma. Someone who has had or still has a troubled sex life would probably not have the same results.

They say:

Although this survey demonstrated a largely positive impact of sex and orgasm on sleep, negative associations with sexual activity were not explored.

Now that you're aware of the link between sex and sleep, we can only wish you a good night's sleep!

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Having sex in the morning could be beneficial to your health, according to this study Having sex in the morning could be beneficial to your health, according to this study