Here is one of the most difficult sex positions to perform

There are simple sexual positions that everyone can do, but there are also positions that are much more difficult to perform.

This sex position cannot be performed by many, here’s why
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This sex position cannot be performed by many, here’s why

Sex is a bit like playing a sport. It takes a couple of people to have fun, it burns calories while performing a physical activity, and it takes a little practice to improve and progress. The ‘Knees Up’ sex position is quite particular but terribly effective once it has been put into practice.

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The ‘Knees Up’ sex position

If you are a novice in this field, we advise you to turn to much simpler positions, such as doggy style and its multitude of variations, all the more pleasant than others. But if you, and your partners, feel ready to go a little further, always with good communication (this is important), the 'Knees Up' position might be just what you need. You would require the following in order to perform this: a chair, some strength, good flexibility, and stretching before and after (this is serious).

The ‘Knees Up’ sex position Rolf Bruderer GETTY_IMAGES

Now let's get down to business. The sex toy site Love Honey, which has a comprehensive catalogue of all the sex positions you regularly hear about, explains how to perform the ‘Knees Up’. The person who is to be penetrated sits on a chair. The person who is going to penetrate bends down in front of them. The legs of the first partner are then placed on the shoulders of the second partner, stretching behind their head, and their hands are gripping their back.

Tips and guidelines

Tips and guidelines Justin Case GETTY_IMAGES

If the person penetrating has difficulty lifting their partner, which is normal because it pulls on the lumbar region, they can lean on a wall for support. But in general, it is necessary not to have intercourse too long in this position to reduce the risk of injury. If it really becomes too difficult, the person being penetrated can sit on a commode at a good height. This position does require a certain amount of strength in order to lift your partner carefully. So it is advisable to tread slowly.

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