3 difficult sex positions that are worth it

Nothing worth having comes easy and it also implies to our orgasms! Here are three difficult sex positions that are not only fun but also worth it.

3 difficult sex positions that are worth it
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3 difficult sex positions that are worth it

Trying new things in the bedroom is always fun. However, most of the time we skip doing something adventurous because it may not be as fun as it may seem. While that may be true for some positions, some sex positions may be difficult yet worth it to try at least once. If you find trying something new in the bedroom daunting, try talking it out with your partner first. No sex position (even missionary!) can provide you pleasure if you or your partner are not comfortable in it. Here are the three difficult sex positions you can try:

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The Side straddle

In this sex position, one partner must lie down with one knee raised, while the other must shift in and straddle the leg. Concentrate on the up and down positions and grind as much as possible. Positions, when you're facing away from your spouse, have a sexy and animalistic quality to them. This one provides you with that idea and gives your partner an excellent view of your buttocks. Consider it to be an advanced doggy position but at a slower pace.

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The Bridge

This sex position is for you, only if you are physically fit. That’s the only way you can enjoy this one. It's similar to a yoga class, but it's a lot more enjoyable. One partner has to sit back on their heels, and have their feet flat and hips lifted, while the other must rise to meet the receiver. Here, the receiver must hold with his hips while the other thrusts. The best part about this sex position is the deep G-spot stimulation it provides along with easy clit availability.

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The cross

It’s for people who love to experiment and wouldn’t mind going ahead a step or two. In this sex position, one partner has to lie down on their side and the other one has to lie perpendicular to them with their legs over their partner’s side. Then you shuffle downwards and help guide your partner inside. This sex position is different and gives a different view of your partner than the rest. It also provides different angles of entry and easy clit availability for either of you.

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