Sneak in a sensational quickie with these Kama Sutra sex positions

No time for sex? These Kama Sutra sex positions have got you covered.

Kama Sutra Sex positions
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Kama Sutra Sex positions

The older we get, the more we lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of life. We get busy making money, establishing our careers, or taking care of our families. In the process, many of us forget about what is truly important. Sex.

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Now if you’re someone who has absolutely no time to fit intercourse into your busy schedule, you’re going to love the Kama Sutra. This holy guide to having sensational sex has something for everyone—including all you busy workaholics. Break the routine, add a pinch of spice back into your life with these mind numbing sex positions that will make you finish in just a few minutes.

The Tripod

The hardest thing about sneaking in a little daytime quickie is finding a place that will accommodate the activity. But with this sex position, you can literally have sex anywhere.

In this position, both parties need to be facing each other. The penetrative partner will be the anchor, holding their partner close. The receiving partner will take one leg and wrap it around the anchor’s hips, while the other leg is planted firmly on the ground. Then, slip the member in and everything else will fall in place. Penetration in this position is easy, quick, and immensely satisfying.


The position is a go-to that we see many onscreen couples indulging in. While many things about films and television are fictional, this sex position is not so you should definitely try it out.

Compared to the tripod, this one is a bit risqué and we recommend that you do it in a safe space. To padlock, the receiving partner should be seated on an elevated flat surface. A desk, washing machine, dining table, or kitchen counter will do. This partner will lean back on their elbows, lift their hips a little higher and lock their legs around their partner who should be standing right in front of them. Then, the penis-owner will start rocking back and forth. This position is ideal for couples who need a quick break from working at home, or parents who need a sweet escape from their kids.

Oh, and if you’re planning your quickie sessions in advance, try to dress for the occasion too. There’s nothing worse than getting accidentally caught with your pants on the floor, is there?

Easy Kama Sutra sex positions guaranteed to give you ultimate pleasure Easy Kama Sutra sex positions guaranteed to give you ultimate pleasure