Do you fancy a 'quickie', why not try this new position?

Slow sex is amazing, but sometimes you might want to do it hard and fast. If you are looking for that, this position is just right for you.

You will not last long if you try this sexual position
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You will not last long if you try this sexual position

The pleasures of slow sex are immaculate, the intensity, the buildup and finally the climax sounds like a perfect way to have a good time in bed. However, sometimes the body just craves instant gratification. The hard and fast motions with no precise movements are just right to get instant pleasure. The term ‘quickie’ describes this process accurately. If you’re a fan of instant, hard and fast pleasure, then this sexual position is just right for you.

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The ‘Kinky Curfew’ position

This position is not entirely unfamiliar, however, many lack the knowledge of how pleasuring it can be. As per The Sun, people have started to have sex much more in the last few years. The lockdowns and quarantines have led the people to have significantly more fun in the bedsheets, to pass the time. So how does this position works? It is quite easy to perform and is guaranteed to give you pleasure if you do it the right way.

The ‘Kinky Curfew’ position Анастасия Фризен GETTY_IMAGES

To do this, you will need a high table or a desk. The person being penetrated must then stand facing the table and bend at 90 degrees, extending only their torso. The penetrating partner will stand behind them and start the process. It can be noticed that it is a little similar to the ‘doggy style’.

Advice and limits

The advantage of such a position is the total control for the person who penetrates the other: as they manage both the intensity, the rhythm and the depth. However, make sure you don't leave any objects on the table so you don't spill them.

This sexual position is ideal for maximum pleasure in a minimum time. But it can cause some cramps if it goes on too long. So be mindful of your partner and as always practice safe sex.

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