3 non-penetrative sex positions you can try

While penetrative sex is fun and pleasure, however, there are others ways to get to climax too. Here are a few positions you can try when you want to have outercourse.

3 non-penetrative sex positions you can try
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3 non-penetrative sex positions you can try

Believe it or not, there are people out there who do not enjoy penetrative sex. Non-penetrative sex allows one to get a closer look at their own or their partner's body. Sex without penetration can enable people to experience new types of sexual pleasure or sexual fantasies, as well as break free from the monotony of penetrative sex. Women’sHealth magazine spoke to Wendasha Jenkins Hall, PhD & a sex educator to embrace non-penetrative sex positions for people who love outercourse.

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Spork provides you with the optimal angle for genital stimulation. This non-penetrative sex position allows enough space and access to kiss their neck or reach down to stimulate their nipples, perineum, or clitoris along with making oral sex easy. Lie down on your back with your elbows and hands under you, forming a little angle. Allow your partner to lean over you and do their thing with your genitals.

The Chairman

Most people with vagina don’t orgasm from penetrative sex, they need some form of clitoral stimulation to get there. And this is what makes the chairman such a perfect position. It allows you to grind on your partner while they scoop you in and explore your genitals. For this position, one of you can sit on the edge of the bed or a chair while the other sits on them facing the other way.

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Magic Mountain

The best thing about non-penetrative sex is that not just your partner but even you can get your motor running by yourself. Magic Mountain is one such non-penetrative sex position that lets you sit in front of each other and drive it home through self-pleasure. You can also touch each other instead of masturbating yourself. In this position, you and your partner will sit facing each other with your legs bent. Inch closer until there’s some contact between you two.

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