Easy tantric sex positions you should try for maximum pleasure

Try these easy tantric sex positions to feel more connected to your partner and increase your pleasure.

Surprisingly easy tantric sex positions for beginners
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Surprisingly easy tantric sex positions for beginners

Tantric sex is the practise of creating a flow state between you and your partner. Through a combination of breath work, eye contact, and mindfulness, tantric sex teaches you to deepen your physical and emotional connection during sex to achieve heighten states of orgasmand even transcendental experiences.

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While tantric sex focuses on how you have sex, rather than in what position you have sex, here are two positions perfect for beginners!

1. The Snake

In this position, the partner about to be penetrated lies face down on the bed, legs straight and arms in a comfortable raised position, with a pillow under their hips. Their partner, positioned on top, enters from behind, holding themselves up slightly with their elbows on the bed.

This position allows for plenty of repositioning to find the most pleasurable angles as well as connecting your two hearts through the back of the partner lying face down.

Try these tantric sex positions for better orgasms! Getty Images

2. Yab Yum

This position is perfect for increasingintimacy and touch. Both partners face one another with their legs wrapped around each other's backs. From this position, rock gently back and forth while gazing into each other's eyes and breathing in unison for an extra deep connection.

With both positions, don't forget to take it slow - orgasm is not the only aim of tantric sex, but a wonderful potential result of deeply connecting with your partner.

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