This gentle sex position will give you pleasure if you're post-partum

If you're ready to get back into the saddle after giving birth then start with this gentle yet oh-so-good position!

The best position for sex after childbirth
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The best position for sex after childbirth

First off, let us offer you some congratulations! You did the big thing and brought a person into this world! That’s surely no small feat, and you deserve anything that can take the edge off in this stressful postpartum time.

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That’s why we are sure that you were ready to get back to action once you got the doctor’s approval! It usually takes about 6 weeks until you’ve fully recovered enough for penetrative sex.It might feel a little tender down there, so we understand if you’re ready to jump back into the sex swing, but it’s best to ease into it. That’s why we’ve got you covered with a gentle postpartum sex position that's so good, you are probably going to make it a regular in your rotation.

The L

This one is really relaxing, easy, and still packs a whole lot of pleasure! It’s perfect for reintroducing sex back into your life. This position is also great because you can mix up the body positions slightly to hit some different angles.

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Similar to this, but with your legs closed

How to do it:

First, the penetrated partner lays on their back and swings their legs over so they’re in an 'L' shape. Their partner lies by their side, entering from behind.

Lay close together, and really enjoy the moment and the feeling of your partner. The penetrating partner should keep it gentle with nice, slow strokes to get it started.Go at a pace you’re comfortable with, and only ramp it up when it feels right!

Now you have a position in your arsenal that is great for enjoying some intimacy with your partner - postpartum or not!

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This sex position will give you maximum pleasure if you and your partner are of different heights This sex position will give you maximum pleasure if you and your partner are of different heights