This position will give you the deepest sex of your life: Here's how to do it

If you love deep penetration, then you should try the Flat Iron!

Try this position for the deepest sex of your life!
Try this position for the deepest sex of your life!

Let's start by saying this: deep penetration isn't for everyone. Anatomical differences between vagina owners makes the preferred depth of penetration a very personal choice. What works for one person may not work for the next, and sex is all about working out what the best time looks like for you!

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However, if there's nothing you love more than deep penetration, than my oh my, have we got the position for you.

The flat iron

The flat iron might just be the gold standard of sex positions that allow for very deep penetration, especially if you prefer not to go on top! The closeness of you and your partner's bodies in this position also increases the sense of intimacy, and best of all, this position can be enjoyed by couples of all sexual orientation (with a few adjustments).

How to do it

Want it deeper than doggy? Try this position! Getty Images

A bit like doggy style lying down, the receptive partner (the one who will penetrated), lies face down with a pillow under their hips for elevation, legs out straight. Their partner then enters them from behind (in the same position as during missionary).

If you're feeling flexible and want to kiss during sex, the receptive partner can also twist their upper body to half-face their partner.

The benefits of this position

This position not only provides deep penetration but a lot of extra stimulation.For vagina owners, expect to feel extra pressure on your clitoris and g spot, since the weight of your partner will press you up against the bed. The same applies for the prostate if the receptive partner is a penis owner and you're trying the anal version of this position.

Although the receptive partner is not in control of the movement in this position, they can guide their partner into the best angle (this might take a bit of trial and error) as well as taking some control of the depth of penetration by changing their leg position until they are most comfortable!

So why not try it out, we hope you have some fun!

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