Kama Sutra: The fusion sex position will give you ultimate pleasure

Feeling uninspired under the sheets lately? Then you should try the ‘Fusion’ sex position to get out of your routine. Allow us to tell you all about it.

Feet under the cover
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Feet under the cover

For this position, the two partners lie on their sides, facing each other, but ‘head to toe.’ Note that one partner's face should be in front of the other's legs, and vice versa. It is not the easiest position to pull off, but it can provide some serious sensations.

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Once you are lying down ‘head to toe,’ encircle your partner with your legs while he is moving his pelvis to encourage deep penetration.

The key to reaching the G-spot

This position, which is similar to the 69, gives the lovers the freedom to move around, and the inclination required for this position greatly facilitates the stimulation of the G-spot. Now it’s up to you!

In the same vein of positions that should be tried out, have you heard of the spread-eagle position?

Ladies, simply lie on your back. Don't hesitate to put a cushion under your head, this will make it even better. Then raise both legs so that they are not touching your chest/belly: everyone has their own body type, and everyone has their own level of flexibility.

Then the aim of the spread-eagle position is to form a ‘V’ with your legs so that your partner can enter you. This is a sort of missionary revisited, with your legs up in the air. But this change makes all the difference and promises greater pleasure according to Women's Health.

A tip: You can also grab your ankles in order to better hold the position, allowing yourself to think only of the pleasure you're feeling.

Check out our video above to discover more easy Kama Sutra positions that will give you ultimate pleasure!

Easy Kama Sutra sex positions guaranteed to give you ultimate pleasure Easy Kama Sutra sex positions guaranteed to give you ultimate pleasure