Easy Kama Sutra sex positions guaranteed to give you ultimate pleasure

These four Kama Sutra sex positions are guaranteed to make you numb with pleasure, and they’re incredibly easy!

Kama Sutra Sex positions
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Kama Sutra Sex positions

Doing moves from the Kama Sutra may sound intimidating, but you don’t have to be an acrobat to do many of the positions. Some of these ancient techniques are super easy to do and they will give you the ultimate satisfaction. Try these positions out and see for yourself.

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Impalement or shulachitaka

If you have not tried this sex position before, it is will literally rock your world. It’s simple to do, and will leave you gasping for air. The partner who will be receiving the penis should be lying down on the bed, while the penetrative partner kneels in front of them. If you’re the one lying down, then get one leg and place it on your partner’s shoulder, while your other leg remains bent and relaxed. All your partner has to do is thrust in and out, and you can adjust the angle and position of your legs to heighten the sensation!

Lotus or padmasana

This sex position is great for heterosexual or lesbian sex. Have one of the partners sit down with their legs crossed—if there is a penis involved, then that person should be the one doing this. If not, then choose the most flexible partner to do it. Then the other partner will take a seat on their lap while wrapping their legs across their lower back. The rest of the action should come naturally to you. Just get in sync and follow the same rhythm.

Yawning or jrimbhitaka

Here is yet another simple and intimate position that will take your breath away. The receiving partner will lie down on their back, and pull their knees as close to their chest as possible, while placing the legs over their partner’s shoulders. The other partner will then lie on top, and penetrate the vagina from above.

Bull positionor virsha

In the Western world, virsha is popularly known as the reverse cowgirl. The great thing about this position is that anyone can try it out. Have one partner lie flat on their back, while the other is sitting on top but facing their feet. The person on top can grip their partner's ankles to give them steady balance while they’re moving up, down and around.

Kama Sutra: The fusion sex position will give you ultimate pleasure Kama Sutra: The fusion sex position will give you ultimate pleasure