The best positions for shower sex

Making love in the shower is a great way to change things up and spice up your sex life. Here are our tips!

Shower sex
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Shower sex

Have you ever hopped in the shower with your partner to save some time and water? Of course, we know you're always putting the environment first! Here are a few tips to consider before you and your partner embark on this wet and sensual adventure.

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Don't skip the foreplay!

First of all, you can start the foreplay outside of the bathroom and then jump into the shower!

But you can also start in the shower and have a bit of fun with the soap, taking the opportunity to massage your partner's body, taking time to caress their erogenous zones to increase their pleasure.

If you are lucky enough to have a bathtub, why not try masturbation in front of each other, eye to eye.

The best positions for shower sex

Be careful not to slip and use positions where you are sure you can stay on stable footing. If you don't feel like you can, make sure to install a non-slip mat.

Doggy style, a classic that can't be recommended enough for use in the shower. Your partner can also lift you up and use the shower walls to maintain balance.

You can also, if the size of the shower allows it, install a stool or a chair. Try out reverse cowgirl if you are in a bathtub. In this popular position, the partner on top manages the rhythm, the tempo, everything! You are sitting astride him, who is either lying down or sitting up, leaning against a wall. It's then up to you to control the movements.

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