Cuckolding: The best way to spice up a relationship?

This sexual practice rooted in BDSM that is making the rounds on the internet can be the key to salvaging a waning relationship in dire need of excitement.

Cuckolding: The best way to spice up a relationship?
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Cuckolding: The best way to spice up a relationship?

Feeling as though your relationship could be injected with some much-needed excitement to reignite the flame of passion? Perhaps cuckolding could be exactly what you and your partner need to spice things up a bit.

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What is cuckolding?

First thing's first, the term was used in the past to designate a man who was oblivious of his wife's adultery. In modern times however, the word has been reappropriated to define a sexual practice in which a person is turned on by the idea (either partially, fully acted out or merely fantasized) of their partner having sex with another person.

The cornerstone of this sexual practice is mutual agreement or–in other words–consent for this kink to successfully serve its purpose of reigniting passion back into what could have become a stale relationship.

In psychology, this particular sexual practice is a variant form of masochism that plays with a power dynamic rooted in consensual humiliation. The one being cuckolded derives pleasure from being degraded or humiliated by having their partner engage in sexual intercourse with another person (similar to the humiliation one would feel upon finding out they have been cheated on).

This fetish can take many forms in that you can decide with your partner how far you want to take the cuckolding. It can be as little as observing them flirt with someone at a bar to fully watching them engage in the act with someone else to eventually even taking part in a threesome (or even orgy for that matter!) with them.

The many benefits of this sexual practice

Shelby sells, a certified sex and life coach explains that cuckolding can be deeply beneficial for a relationship if done in the right way:

Some people enjoy being sexually humiliated, which can be affiliated with domination/submission play. Cuckolding requires a certain level of trust and communication between partners, which can deepen and strengthen intimacy in a relationship.

And adds:

Plus, cuckolding engages in fantasy play, which can make sex a much more intense and pleasurable experience.

Ultimately, the take away should be that cuckolding can be that which salvages a relationship that is lacking in spontaneity, passion and trust if done within terms and conditions that work for both partners involved.

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