7 best sex positions for when you want to get freaky in a car

There’s something about the idea of car sex that is really enticing but reality may sometimes be uncomfortable. With these positions, you don’t ever have to worry again!

7 best sex positions for when you want to get freaky in a car
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7 best sex positions for when you want to get freaky in a car

Having sex in the car is really alluring, mainly because it harkens back to your adolescent days of making out in the backseat. Being afraid and thrilled at the prospect of being caught and scrappily making it work for some sweet sex. It is a confined space that puts your and your partner's abilities to get off one another quickly to the test while still providing you with a lot of access to each other.

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But, let's face it, getting it on in a car can be complicated and uncomfortable. However, the correct car sex positions, can completely change your life and leave you with some incredibly hot memories for the next time you run errands.


This version of the Cowgirl sex position is the best for car sex. It makes it easy to hop on and off your partner, and you get a lot of clitoral stimulation because of the angle of the penis. Climb on top of your partner and straddle them. You have the option to recline as far back as you both want.

Backseat Doggy

In the car, doing a straight-up missionary can be difficult because neither of you will be able to fully stretch your legs. But, doggy-style is ideal: He gets to take you from behind while bending his torso over yours, and you both gain easy access to your clitoris. Climb into the backseat, go down on all fours and go crazy!

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Reverse Cargirl

Like Cargirl sex position but only with your back facing your partner! You can brace the window or the glove compartment for stability as you get to it.


In Carboy, your partner gets to take the lead while you lie down while he sits on top of you. As you lie down on your back with your knees bent, your spouse gets to straddle you in the backseat.

Reverse Scoop

As your bodies are intertwined, this position is excellent for backseats. Lie down and face each other on your sides. Scooch toward each other until he can get in, and brace yourself with your arms and other elements of the car.

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The position allows you and your partner to get a complete view of each other's bodies. Sit on the backseat with your legs facing each other and your arms back to support yourself. Your hips should be between his widened legs, your knees should be bent, and your feet should be outside of his hips and flat on the seat.


Seashell is a clutch car sex position as it takes up less space. In the backseat, raise your legs all the way up and bring your ankles as near to your shoulders/head as possible. He comes to you from a position as a missionary.

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