This is the best sex position for your zodiac sign

Your orgasm may be written in the stars. Try out these positions as per your zodiac sign for a fun and adventurous night!

This is the best sex position for your zodiac sign
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This is the best sex position for your zodiac sign

It never hurts to take a cue from your sun sign when it comes to increasing your enjoyment between the covers. It acts as an internal compass, influencing your sense of self, identity, personal style, vitality, self-esteem, and confidence. While fire signs are born with a zeal for life, earth signs are naturally grounded, air signs crave heady stimulation, and water signs are at ease in the depths of emotion.

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Given that your astrological wiring has an impact on your sexual style, think about how it can drive your next paired pleasure session. The best sex position for each zodiac sign is mentioned below.


The best position for Capricorns would be the sofa straddle. It is similar to the seated lotus, but it has more back support. These earth signs are known for being leaders in life and love to take lead in the bedroom.


Aquarius likes to add a twist to their bedroom. So, standing rear entry is the best for them. Try it while bending over and holding yourself on a firm surface, such as the bathroom counter.



Sideways straddle will not only allow for deep penetration, but it will also assist them in maintaining a steady pace, which they seek both in and out of the bedroom.


Aries are fiery and creative people who want to be in command in the bedroom. The lotus position allows them to have lots of closeness while also bringing in a little aggression.


Any position that allows them to assert their power is a go for bull-headed Taureans. As such, reverse cowgirl is a sure-fire method to show their partners who's in charge.


Geminis are energetic and so, they will be able to release some of the frantic energy while doing it Doggy Style. These chatty and witty ladies are also known for their dirty talk.


Cancer is all about intimacy and nothing says that better than the missionary position. They are emotional signs who enjoy making eye contact with their partners when they have sex.


Leos are known for their passion, strength, and drama. Therefore, this zodiac sign likes to flaunt its flexibility which makes ballet dancer the best position for them.


Virgo is all about purity and innocence. Spooning is a simple and subtle position that they use to develop intimacy and connection.



Libras strive for balance and harmony in their lives and bedroom. Sixty-nine is their ideal situation because it is equally about gaining pleasure as it is about pleasing their spouse.


The best position for Scorpios would be standing sixty-nine. It's not the most practical position, but it'll keep their partner wanting more, which is what Scorpios are all about.


Sagittarius is a sign of fun, so they love the cowgirl position. They can do this position anywhere in the world.

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