Sex: These are the 5 best positions for period sex

Don’t just quit on what you enjoy doing because Auntie Flo is in town. Take going with the flow to another level with these period sex positions.

5 Best period sex positions
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5 Best period sex positions

When you're on your period, mood swings and cramping are pretty usual but so is an increased sex drive. Your sex life isn't over just because you're on your period. In fact, there are a variety of period sex positions that can help you assist with cramps. So, why not be brave and experience period sex for the first time? There are a variety of sex positions that can assist you in keeping it clean, reducing cramping or distracting you from it. Here’s a list of best period sex positions:

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You can't go wrong with missionary; there's a reason it's the most popular sex position. This position lets you sit back, relax, and let your spouse take charge on days when you're cramping. You can place a pillow under your hip to adjust the angle of penetration or try it with your legs in a butterfly yoga stance to make it even more comfortable.

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What better position to be in during your period than lying down and doing nothing? It's excellent to cuddle. Sex while cuddling, on the other hand, is even better. It's also a contender for one of the best sex positions for menstruation cramps because it's so relaxed. Your partner’s hand can roam freely around your body and caress your breasts.


Take a stand and spice up your sex life. This position will not only keep you from getting period pains, but it will also keep you clean. Face the wall with your arms braced up against it, bend forward a little, and let your boyfriend do his thing. You obtain increased clitoral pleasure while keeping your sheets immaculate. What a win-win situation.

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When you want less mess and more tingling this is the one to go for. This is a sex position that gives both parties the most pleasure. If you want to light a fire in your sex life, this submissive-dominant posture is ideal. Place your legs over your partner’s shoulders while they stand in front of you. Raise your hips with the assistance of your arms to the desired angle. And, don’t forget to keep a cloth underneath you.

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Shower sex

When you're on your period, shower sex is a no-brainer. Cleaning up the soiled sheets after a night of sex during your period is a real pain. The water will rapidly wipe away the mess, allowing your partner to focus on your face rather than worrying if menstrual fluid is getting elsewhere. To make figuring it out a little easier, stand up and face each other.

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