Here's how to do the intriguing 'hammock' sex position

Feeling athletic? This sexual position will give you a very fun time with your partner.

Hammock sex position
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Hammock sex position

There's no shortage of positions to spice up our time under the sheets. The pretzel, the waterfall... there are 1001 ways to give pleasure to two - or more! The Lovehoney website has recently presented a new technique dubbed 'the hammock' and it doesn't look like easy work.

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The lesser-known hammock position

This position is no less challenging than the name suggests. You'll need your best acrobatic skills to take full advantage of it. In detail - and take careful notes - the person penetrating must sit on a high surface, such as a chair or the edge of a bed. Looking in the same direction, the person being penetratedsits on his or her knees. So far, so good.

The next step is what gives this move its intriguing name. The penetrator then grabs his or her partner's wrists and leans back. At the same time, the other person hinges forward, so they end up parallel to the floor.Tip: for balance, place your feet behind your partner's back.


Quite a challenge

Then things get complicated. You're certainly not going to stay still, so you'll need to move back and forth in this position to get any pleasure out of it. With your hands tied,you won't be able to spice things up with a sextoy.Try to work together!

If you can't get the hang of this acrobatic position, don't panic. Chances are you'll give up with a laugh. That's all it takes to relieve the pressure and get back into the swing of things. All that's left to do is stand up again and try a slightly less chalenging version, like the sock position! Don't be put off by the name, this intimate position is a guaranteed good time for you and your partner.

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