Sex and calories: You'll burn more calories in these sex positions

Research shows men tend to burn more calories during sex than women.

Sex and calories: You'll burn more calories in these sex positions
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Sex and calories: You'll burn more calories in these sex positions

The act of sexual intercourse, if done right, could be a good source of workout. In fact, researchers at the University of Montreal found that on average, men burn 100 calories during sex while women shed 69, according to an article in The Sun. But how can you kill an extra bird (burning calories) with one stone?

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Well, online retailer, Golf Support sought to find out how by giving FitBits to 112 heterosexual couples to wear during sex. The results of that experiment show that you’ll burn more calories when you have sex in these positions.

The wanton wheelbarrow

This sex position described as a favourite alternative to doggy style, can help you shed 149 calories if you are a woman, while men can burn 167 extra fat. You will need a chair or the edge of a bed for this position as it requires the woman keeping one foot on the ground for support. According to Cosmopolitan:

Because your legs are pointed in opposite directions—one in the air and one on the ground—it’s perfect for internal stimulation and hitting angles you wouldn’t normally hit.
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Standing position

A good number of couples who participated in the experiment found this position to be a massive energy burner and the second most intense position for men as they are guaranteed to burn 198 calories. Women on the other can lose around 145 calories having sex in this position.

The Squat

This variation of the cowgirl sex position sees women burning the most calories during sex— between 188 and 224 depending on how fast she rides. Sexpert Tracey Cox said of the position:

Not only do you have more control, it showcases those Instagram ready Herculean thigh muscles.

So if you are up for a fun workout sesh with your partner, why not try any of these positions?

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