The Three Best Positions for Discreet Sex

Sneaking in a silent quickie isn't too easy. Here are three discreet positions for making love... in complete silence!

The best positions for discreet sex
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The best positions for discreet sex

A sudden urge to have sex is not always easy when your parents are in the room next door... There are however some positions that are more discreet than others. Here are the best ones!

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The first position, which is both a classic and practical (what a turn on!), is missionary. Your partner is on top of you, so he can put his hand over your mouth if he feels like things are getting a little too hot, thus avoiding any moaning which may occur. This position is also a very convenient way to choose the rhythm. You can make love gently and intensely, without making anything creak.


Penetration is not the only way to make love discreetly. You can also get off just using foreplay. Take your time and try to 69. Using your mouths will allow you to concentrate on the other’s pleasure, without expressing it out loud.


The third position that will allow you to be discreet is spooning. Lying down in front of your partner, he can go at the desired speed, and you can put a cushion in front of your mouth if the urge to cum is too strong. Of course, for this you need a solid bed, because if the bed creaks, you're out of luck!

Finally, the best way to make love without being found out by your loved ones is to make love outside of the bed. Get out of your own little comfort zone and venture into places that are a change. In the shower is a good option since running water can cover any sounds. Otherwise, make yourself comfortable in the car, or make love outdoors!

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