The best sex positions to keep you warm this autumn

Summer's out and autumn's in full swing with these sex positions designed to keep things hot

The best sex positions to keep warm this autumn
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The best sex positions to keep warm this autumn

Thank goodness it's finally sweater weather! With the nights turning colder, at this time of year things also start to heat up in the bedroom. Whether this is a way to save on your heating bill or if you simply can't wait to get active in the bedroom after a heat-stroke-inducing summer, we've got the toasty list of autumn-inspired sex positions that you need to try right now!

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1. Spooning

Is this not the cosiest of all the sex positions? Perfect for autumn, this position requires you to get as physically close to your partner as possible. Lying down, cuddle up with your partner whilst you both face the same way (the penetrating partner enters from behind).

2. The wrapped lotus

This position is perfect for those craving intimacy and touch. With both partners facing one another with their legs wrapped around each other's backs, the wrapped lotus is another position that maximises cuddles during sex. The grinding and bouncing that this position requires are sure to create quite the sweat!

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3. Temp play

This is the perfect time of year to start incorporating some temperature play into your sexual rotation. Massage candles and hot baths are currently our favourite ways to warm up with your partner, but you could also try hot stones or even warming lube!

4. The Plow

Hello core workout! One partner gets into the wheelbarrow position (hands on the floor, legs wrapped around the penetrating partner's hips). The penetrating partner gives added support by holding up the other person's legs and controls the depth and speed of penetration.

5. The Fireside Smoulder

Last, but certainly not least is the fireside smoulder. Create a makeshift love nest by placing blankets and pillows in front of your fireplace (but not too close!) and get steamy, with one partner lying face down while the other penetrates from behind. For extra depth and comfort, try placing one of the pillows under the hips of the person being penetrated!

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