3 sex positions that are perfect for beginners

If you’ve just started your sexual journey, these three positions will help you ease into it.

3 sex positions that are perfect for beginners
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3 sex positions that are perfect for beginners

Navigating sex when you’re just starting your sexual journey can be scary. In fact, navigating sex is scary no matter how much experience you have had. That’s why communication and consent remain the two most important foundations of sexual intercourse. In order to have a safe and secure experience, making sure you’re on the same page with your partner or partners is integral.

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Along with that, there are a few sex positions that can also make the experience less intimidating. The Sun has listed out three such positions that are ideal for those who need more intimacy and security. Fun fact, these are also sex positions that happen to be the most popular in movies as well. Here they are:

Missionary position

If you’re looking for a position that is easy to get in and out of, and also provides comfort and intimacy, this classic sex act is perfect for you.

To get into this position, the person being penetrated must lie on their back and spread their legs just enough for their partner to get on top of them and into the penetrating position. Once on top, they’ll be able to slide their member, or a sex toy, into the desired location. All you have to do then is rock back and forth.


Spooning When Harry Met Sally/

If you’re a fan of cuddling then you will love this position. It’s also a great sexual act for when you’re feeling extremely lazy or tired but still need a little loving.

First, get into the big spoon and little spoon positions. The big spoon will naturally be the one who is doing the penetrating, while the person who is the little spoon will be receiving. Once the penis or toy is successfully inserted, the partners will begin the dance. This position is great because you can switch roles and take turns giving and receiving the love!

The face-off

If you haven’t yet noticed, sex positions for beginners are all about intimacy, romance, and security. This final position will give you all of those things to the max.

As indicated in the name of the position, in this activity you will be face to face. The giving partner will need to sit upright on a surface with their legs stretched out while the one receiving positions themselves on top. This time, most of the work will be done by the one being penetrated.

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