These are the best sofa sex positions for maximum pleasure and comfort

Spice things up with these positions designed for impromptu sofa sex or your next Netflix and chill date.

The best positions for sofa sex
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The best positions for sofa sex

Sofa sex can be a fantastic, effortless way to liven things up outside the bedroom. Sofas, which are already similar to beds, offer enough room for sex as well as additional leverage and novel angles with their arm and backrests.

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So why not turn up the heat and turn your sofa into a scintillating new sex spot?

Whatever the size of your sofa, we’ve got you covered with our favourite positions for sofas both big and small!

The wrapped lotus

Unsurprisingly, thanks to its intimacy, Women's Health rates the wrapped lotus as the number 1 couch sex position. Almost designed to be performed on a sofa, the penetrating person sits crossed-legged on the sofa seat, while their partner mounts them, wrapping their legs around the back of the first person.

Close and compact, this position is perfect for smaller spaces whilst maximising pleasure as both partners have their hands free to explore erogenous zones.

The flat iron

If you're having sofa sex chances are you are either too excited or too lazy to take things into the bedroom. Either way, the flat iron is the position for you. Basically doggy style but horizontal, the penetrated partner lies face down on the sofa with their legs together while their partner enters from behind.

This position allows for deep penetration and full body contact making it both hot and intimate.

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The seated wheelbarrow

Use the height of your sofa to the best of your ability with the seated wheelbarrow! Moving aside any obstacles (like coffee tables and abandoned clothing), have the penetrating partner sit on the edge of the sofa seat, feet on the floor. The second partner then reverse straddles their lap with their hands planted on the floor.

Another position perfect for deep penetration, the angle of the wheelbarrow can also be altered for maximum internal stimulation and allows you both to continue watching your tv show!

The spoon/greasy spoon

You might have heard of the spoon, but the greasy spoon, even we didn't know about it! Much sexier than the name suggests, the greasy spoon starts out the same way as the spoon (with both partners lying down and facing the same direction). However, in this variation, the partner being penetrated lifts their top leg and balances it on the back of the sofa, allowing for extra room and depth of penetration. What a way to upgrade a couch cuddle!

Over the line

Finally, ScoopWhoop suggests the over the line. Slightly more avant-garde than your typical sex position, here, the penetrated partner bends over the armrest and balances, legs raised and folded together while their partner enters from behind. Don't forget to grab onto the sofa or your partner (depending on your position) for extra support!

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