Why doesn't my partner want to cuddle after sex?

If your partner is acting distant after sex, and you don't understand why, read on... We'll explain!

Why doesn't your partner touch you after sex?
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Why doesn't your partner touch you after sex?

Although we often don't give it much thought, body language says much more about us and our personality than we can imagine. Even during sex or right after, our partner can behave a certain way, which can raise some questions.

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If your partner doesn't touch you after sex, and you don't know why, we've got you covered!

Why your partner pulls away

Everyone is unique, and after an orgasm, people react differently. The dopamine rush either makes us really happy, or we have a wave of emotions washing over us, and we cry. Whatever the reaction may be, it is absolutely alright to feel that way.

However, when the person who was giving their all just a few seconds ago, making your body quake with ecstasy, suddenly becomes aloof and withdraws... it can be agonizing.

It's perfectly normal to wonder why your partner doesn't hug you, talk to you, or stay with you, after having sex.

In fact, you are not alone, a study from the Institute for Sex Counselling and Sexual Sciences in Zurich conducted by Andrea Burri and Peter Hilpert, focuses on describing ‘post-coital symptoms,’ giving answers to some of our questions.

We must state that it has long been assumed that women are more affectionate after intercourse than men, and this is not due to the fact that they have a harder time recovering after an orgasm.

Having the conversation

According to evolutionary theories, women attempt to keep their partners close in order to ensure safety during pregnancy, whereas men are said to fertilise as many women as possible to ensure the survival of the species.

This is a rather old-fashioned statement that does not explain your partner's behaviour. In fact, physical distancing can be for a plethora of reasons. First,you need to assess the kind of relationship you are in at the moment. If it is a casual sex relationship or a serious kind.

The lack of physical closeness most likely translates into a lack of interest, or even an attempt to keep distance in order to not grow a bond. But, if your relationship is solid and your partner is starting to act distant, it might be due to a waning sexual desire. Here is a list of tips and tricks you can try to boost your libido.

If you feel your libido is decreasing, it is the right time to have a conversation with your partner.

Other reason for reduced post-sex intimacy may be cultural, marked by stereotypes which can play a devastating role in people's minds and hampers their actions. Whatever the reason might be, what we recommend you talk about it with the people involved.

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