Why do you want to pee after sex?

Does it happen to you too? As soon as you have finished having sex, you get the urge to go to the toilet. Here's why it happens.

Why do you want to pee after sex?
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Why do you want to pee after sex?

Needing to urinate after sex or masturbation does kill the mood, but it is quite normal, don't worry. The reason is a very simple one. For women, the vagina sits quite close to the bladder. Penetration applies pressure on the bladder and that pressure stimulates the urge to pee. The movements of the penis or a sextoy can also open the urinary meatus, the external opening of the urethra. And its stimulation causes the urge to pee.

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Another possible explanation: a lack of lubrication. As the mucous membranes start to dry, it can create small irritations around the urethra. And this, again, brings about the urge to urinate. Even if you absolutely don't want to leave your partner's warm, loving arms, this little post-cuddle toilet stop is essential for your health.

Peeing after sex to avoid urinary tract infections

Indeed, during sexual intercourse, all sorts of bacteria accumulate in the female genitalia. Especially in or near the urethra, since the urinary meatus opens during sex, as we previously explained. The problem is, if these bacteria (called E. coli) travel through the urethra all they way to the bladder, they can cause a urinary tract infection. Hence the importance of going to pee to flush out and evacuate these germs. This mechanism is called the 'flush effect.' It's natural and better than a clean-up in the shower, which could damage and unbalance your vaginal flora and natural PH. Nature is well made, at least in that regard.

To reduce the risk of cystitis, the use of a condom can also be useful. In addition to its contraceptive and protective function against Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). If you have unprotected sex with a regular partner, make damn sure he is vigilant about his intimate hygiene, and make sure his hands are clean. Ditto for the dildos, whether as a couple or by yourself: wash them with hot water and soap before and after each use.

And most importantly, don't forget to go to the toilet within an hour of your funtime.

Despite feeling the urge to pee, once in the toilet, you may find that nothing comes out. In any case, not right away. Once again, everything is normal. As it turns out, during intercourse a small membrane in the bladder closes, precisely to avoid urinating during intercourse. Here again, nature is rather well made.

Does peeing after sex prevent you from getting pregnant?

Many are those who, wanting to have a baby, fear that going to the toilet could jeopardize their chances of pregnancy. No worries though. The sperm on the way to the uterus are unlikely to end up at the bottom of the bowl with the urine, as they will be retained by the cervical mucus.

If you're one of the unlucky, and you've caught a UTI despite your best efforts, check out the video at the top of the article to find out how to alleviate it.

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