Mint, cheese, coffee: Here are 6 foods that are killing your sex drive

It’s time to take a careful look at your lifestyle and remove these food items if you want to have a better sex life.

6 Food Items that are killing your sex drive
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6 Food Items that are killing your sex drive

You are what you eat is probably the most accurate quote when it comes to emphasising the importance of food. Eating healthy will not only help you sustain a long and wholesome life but would also help to increase your sex drive.

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Why is it that the tastier the food the unhealthier it is? There are everyday food items that we consume without realising that they have a direct effect on our sex drive. Food directly affects are sexual appetite and these food items, in particular, can have the most negative influence.


Alcohol might be the liquid luck that you need to approach that stranger at the bar, but it’s not that helpful after all! Excessive alcohol can lead to difficult erections and orgasms. Meaning, it is not only lowering your inhibitions but also your sex drive. It lowers testosterone levels and sexual functioning.

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Aerated drinks

It’s no secret that aerated drinks are not healthy for us, but if you are still addicted to them this might help you quit. According to the International Society for Sexual Medicine, consumption of aerated drinks can lead to erectile dysfunction and directly affects your serotonin levels. If that was not enough it can also lead to metabolic syndrome and obesity ultimately causes body image issues.


It sure gives you the power to stay up all night, but is it any good if it lowers your sex drive? If you feel edgy or apprehensive after your daily dose of coffee, it is best to avoid it. Caffeine has a direct impact on our anxiety levels and increased anxiety directly impacts the sex drive, mostly lowering it.

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Is there something like too much cheese? Apparently, yes! It might give you foodgasm but will surely take away the real one. Cheese contains synthetic hormones that negatively influence oestrogen and testosterone levels. Moreover, it can disturb your body’s natural production.

Processed meats

Most processed meats including hot dogs, sausages and hamburgers contain added preservatives, hormones and antibiotics. Some may even include mountains of sodium. This eventually leads to a hormonal imbalance and spiked blood pressure. Cutting back on it will help you get your libido back.

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The minty fresh breath might help you bring your partner closer, but that’s all it will do. The menthol in mint has been known to affect testosterone levels and induce mood changes. Thus, making it harder for you to keep things up in the bedroom.

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