The many health benefits of quitting coffee

Who would've thought this one drink—which many of us drink every day—affected us in so many ways?

The many health benefits of quitting coffee
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The many health benefits of quitting coffee

Sure, coffee tastes great and will raise anyone from the dead after a rough night, but drinking it too often and having lots of it can be dangerous.

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This drink, which is the most popular beverage in the world, can cause migraines, ulcers, and high blood pressure. Although some people use it as an appetite suppressant, it can induce cravings and make you crave sugar. Also, if your coffee is roasted at too high a temperature, it can become carcinogenic because the heat will cause it to produce acrylamide. So it's best to drink small amounts of it and make sure it's high-quality coffee.

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On the flip side, if you decide to cut back your consumption of coffee or quit it altogether, you'll be amazed by the changes!

Beautiful skin: Coffee can dry out your skin and cause acne. If you quit coffee, you'll get your smooth and healthy skin back.

Regular bowel movements: we all know that coffee is a diuretic. Caffeine speeds up bowel movements, which is why you probably go to the bathroom right after you finish your morning coffee. If you drink less, you'll go to the bathroom less often!

More energy: a lot of people just can't get through the morning if they don't have their cup of coffee. If you quit coffee, you may initially be tired, have migraines, or even feel a little depressed—caffeine is like a drug, so there will be a withdrawal period. But if you survive that part, you'll no longer be dependent on coffee to feel awake, and will soon have a considerable amount of extra energy!

Changes in the number on the scale: after quitting coffee, some people lose weight, while others gain some. Those who add sugar to their coffee will lose a lot of weight, while those who use coffee as an appetite suppressant may have more food cravings. The latter should think up an alternative to snacking!

A bright smile: coffee is notorious for staining our teeth and making them look yellowish, but if you stop drinking coffee, you'll get your pearly whites back!

Deep sleep: if you have trouble sleeping, coffee may partially be to blame. Afternoon coffee can have a serious impact on sleep—its effects last up to 6 hours. Trade in the coffee for high-quality sleep!

That should be enough to motivate you to reduce your coffee consumption!

Watch the video above for 5 signs you're drinking too much coffee.

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