This is the country where people drink the most, and it's not the UK

An alarming WHO report claims that Europeans are the world's heaviest drinkers. However, there are major disparities in alcohol-related behaviour between different countries.

Can you guess the country where people drink the most alcohol?
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Can you guess the country where people drink the most alcohol?

According to a new report by the World Health Organization, Europe is the continent with the highest alcohol consumption in the world. However, daily consumption varies from country to country, and we can now tell you the country where people drink the most. So, place your bets!

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The country where people drink the most is...

The 2021 World Health Organization (WHO) report on health in Europe speaks volumes when it comes to alcohol consumption. The countries with the highest alcohol consumption are in the East. The Czech Republic has the highest alcohol consumption, at 14.3 liters. Next come Latvia (13.2), Moldavia (12.9) and Germany (12.8), as Euronews points out. On the other hand, the countries with the lowest annual alcohol consumption are Italy (8.0), Malta (8.3), Croatia (8.7), Sweden (9.0) and the Netherlands (9.7).

The report shows the frequency of alcohol consumption varies enormously from country to country. Portugal, for example, has the highest frequency, with 20.7%, or a fifth of the population, drinking alcohol every day. Spain follows with 13.1%, then Italy with 12.1%.

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There are huge gaps in alcohol consumption

The report also reveals significant differences according to age. For example, 16% of people aged 75 and over drink a glass of alcohol every day, while only 1% of 15 to 24-year-olds drink daily. There is also a marked difference between genders. In Italy, for example, 46.1% of women claim never to drink alcohol, or not to have done so during the year, compared with 21.5% of men.

More worryingly, one in five Europeans said they had drunk at least one excessive alcoholic beverage at least once a month in 2019. Excessive drinking is highest in Denmark, Romania, Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium.

In a press release, WHO reminds us that alcohol consumption is never without danger. Indeed, health is affected from the very first drop. It points out that almost 200 million Europeans are at risk of contracting alcohol-related cancer.

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