Here’s the best way to eat less sugar!

Have you been eating too much sugar? Here's a trick that could make all the difference!

Here’s the best way to eat less sugar!
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Here’s the best way to eat less sugar!

Are you looking to drastically reduce your sugar intake for your health, but you can't resist the sweets, chocolate, and biscuits that are lying around? Here's how to fight your sugar cravings and get rid of your addiction with one simple trick!

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Sugar leads to more sugar

Sugar can be a real addiction. The more sugar in your diet, the more sugar you will want to eat throughout the day. As a result, side effects can quickly be felt. Skin problems, weight gain, and the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, just to name a few. These are all good arguments to reduce your sugar consumption and switch to a diet that is less rich in sugar.

However, stopping sugar is not easy. To do so, there is a trick that can change your life.

Is a savoury breakfast the solution?

As naturopath Marion Thelliez explains, eating a savoury breakfast could help limit sugar cravings throughout the day:

If you start with a hyperglycaemia peak in the morning, you may crave sugar all day long. (...) It's better to choose a salty, fatty, protein-rich breakfast, which will help you control the glycemic index of your meal more easily, and little by little to have sweets only once during the day, in the afternoon.

Thus, starting the day with a sweet breakfast (jam, cereal, biscuits, chocolate, pastries, brioche) then conditions your body to want to consume more sugar.

A sweet mid-morning snack, a dessert after lunch, another snack later in the day, and a second dessert after dinner all ends up being a considerable amount of carbohydrates. Remember,sugar just leads to more sugar!

By choosing a savoury and protein-rich breakfast, you will be able to get through the morning without any cravings. Your body won't want to end on a sweet note at the end of each meal, which is an effective technique that will help you regulate your cravings and switch to a healthier, less sugary diet.

If you're an early-morning egg, bacon, and cheese enthusiast, you'll have no trouble adopting this new ritual.

For those who find it difficult to drop cereal or pastries in the morning, start by making yourself small savoury muffins made with wholemeal flour or by eating wholemeal bread with butter. Little by little, you will be able to accomplish this!

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