The Best Gluten-Free Foods To Buy

Many people are intolerant to gluten and are forced to adapt their daily diet in order not to consume it. If this is the case for you or someone in your family, Ohmymag gives you the list of foods that you can eat without worry.

The Best Gluten-Free Foods To Buy
The Best Gluten-Free Foods To Buy

The Best Gluten-Free Foods To Buy

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1. Gluten-free cereal and grains: Whilst wheat and its derivatives are to be avoided, you can still continue to eat bread and pasta made with other cereals that do not contain gluten. Corn, rice, soy, buckwheat, tapioca, millet, sesame, quino,a and chestnuts can be consumed without any problem. Thus, you can use flours, starches, and cakes made from these grains.

2. Dairy products: Fresh, pasteurized, concentrated or powdered milk, yogurts, white cheeses, and cheeses can be eaten without risk because they contain no trace of gluten. Eggs are also gluten-free. But take care to always read packaging as some yogurts and cheeses have grains which could contain gluten added to them.

3. Meat: If you are gluten intolerant, you can eat meat and cold cuts without any problem. However, beware of ready meals and processed breaded or crusted meats. Always check the ingredients of salami sausages cooked in garlic, chorizo, and white pudding.

4. Seafood products: If you're intolerant to gluten, you can still eat fresh, frozen, smoked or canned fish. Again, avoid processed and pre-prepared fish dishes such as seafood quiche or breaded fish.

5. Fruits and vegetables: Fresh fruits and vegetables are all gluten-free but again, you must take care when it comes to processed or pre-prepared products. Check the labels of soups, crisps, and chips.

6. Desserts and sweet products: Sweet treats like Chocolate mousse, caramel cream, sorbet, jam, honey, or toffee are all gluten-free. Be wary of powdered ingredients for making milk desserts, always read the ingredients label carefully to check for gluten. Same for nougat, spreads, and cocoa powder. You should generally avoid ice cream cones, frozen desserts with biscuit bases, pastry, and biscuits. However, you may be able to find specially-made gluten-free versions of these at your local bakery or supermarket.

7. Drinks: Most drinks are safe - hot, cold, alcoholic, and non-alcoholic except for beer which does contain gluten. Now days, you can find some beers that are gluten-free.

The Best Gluten-Free Foods That You Should Eat The Best Gluten-Free Foods That You Should Eat