What is the 'egg diet' and is it really the easiest way to lose weight?

According to one expert, incorporating a heavy amount of eggs in one's diet could be the key to losing weight in light speed.

Is the 'egg diet' the easiest way to lose weight?
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Is the 'egg diet' the easiest way to lose weight?

Eggs are known for being a super food. Not only for their high nutrient content–from vitamin B12, D, phosphorus to iodine and lutein– but also their richness in protein, it is definitely something you would want to incorporate in your diet.

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The many benefits of eggs

And if that wasn't enough to convince you of its many benefits, eggs also provide the eight amino acids that the body imperatively needs to function well. On average, two eggs in the morning can make up for about 20% of the total daily required protein intake that women need. In comparison, this would amount to about 100 grams of meat, or one small steak portion.

In light of all the benefits, one doctor in particular, Jean-Michel Cohen, who wrote The Cohen Method, suggests that the inclusion of this essential food into our every diet is they key to keeping fit and healthy!

The idea is to find creative ways of incorporating eggs into all your meals of the day. And ideally you would be prioritizing egg whites over the yolk so as to not intake too much cholesterol. If you were to follow this diet, a typical day's worth of meals would consist of lots of egg whites and low carbs and fats.

But how safe is this for the body?

This type of diet should not be used for long periods at a time as very low calorie diets are not sustainable in the long run. Instead, this method should be used only if you are looking to shed a few extra pounds quickly.

But if you do decide to try this diet, remember to consult a nutritionist first as every body type is different and so results will vary from one person to the other.

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