How Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

Green tea is well known as a popular drink for people on a diet, but what is it that makes it so good for slimming? Ohmymag reveals everything you need to know.

How Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight
How Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

How Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight

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1. How it works: Despite what the ads might say, green tea will not make you lose weight if it is not accompanied by a change in diet and regular physical activity - even if it's only 30 minutes of daily walking. This is not a miracle drink that will make you lose weight without any effort!

Nevertheless, green tea has many benefits, which can really help if you want to lose weight. First of all, green tea is healthy when it's not mixed with sugar. Drinking several cups of green tea each day will be an asset in getting rid of toxins and purifying your body.

In addition, the green tea contains theine, an excellent ally to fight against fatigue which can be associated with dieting. Finally, green tea is an antioxidant: so it'll help you get peachy skin, especially if you combine it with fresh fruits and vegetables!

2. How to consume green tea to lose weight: To lose weight effectively, you must choose the right type of green tea. However, there are currently more than 1500 varieties! For weight loss, it is recommended to drink gyokuro, sencha and bancha, consumed in this order throughout the day. The gyokuro ideally stimulates the metabolism in the morning, the sencha contains a dose of theine perfect for the afternoon and the bancha can be drunk at night without fear of insomnia.

A cup of each of these teas every day, at the recommended times, will help you lose weight. If you are looking for the antioxidant benefits of green tea, choose powdered green tea (matcha or benifuuki). An important precaution: green tea tends to dehydrate the body, so you should drink the same amount of water as green tea throughout the day, and preferably in the half hour after drinking a cup of green tea.

In addition, it is best to drink green tea away from mealtimes because it tends to disrupt digestion. Finally, do not drink green tea on an empty stomach, because of its desiccating effects.

3. Side effects of green tea: The side effects of green tea are comparable to those of caffeine. In high doses, it can cause insomnia, restlessness and nervousness, heart problems, vertigo, skin irritation, digestive disorders, and a feeling of thirst. The key is moderation!

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