Quick And Easy Meals To Help You Lose Weight

Cooking whilst on a diet doesn't have to be difficult! Ohmymag brings you some of the best quick and simple meals that will help you on your way to shedding those extra pounds.

Quick And Easy Meals To Help You Lose Weight
Quick And Easy Meals To Help You Lose Weight

Quick And Easy Meals To Help You Lose Weight

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1. A good diet plan: Your weight-loss diet plan should be varied, healthy, and balanced. You should control and limit the amount of fat you consume by finding better food substitutes. For example, replace cream with fat-free yogurt or vegetable cream. To season salads, forget creamy dressings and simply drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice.

It's important to think about the way you prepare your food too - focus on raw or steamed foods to reduce fat content. This type of diet is very healthy because it conserves the minerals and vitamins of the foods that the body needs.

You also need to limit your sugar intake so stop adding sugar to your tea and coffee and avoid cakes and processed foods which are often rich in fat and sugar. Finally, replace all refined cereals (bread, pasta, rice ...) with whole grains, not only because they contain more vitamins, minerals, but also fibres, which will leave you feeling fuller for longer.

2. Examples of quick and easy meals: There are many different meal options you can try depending on what foods you like to eat. We've prepared 2 different options for your choosing.

-For menu 1: For breakfast, opt for green tea or coffee without sugar, small glass of orange juice (choose a juice without added sugars!), three slices of wholemeal bread, and a fat-free yogurt. For lunch, opt for a bowl of vegetable broth, steamed or oven-cooked salmon, steamed green beans, and a pear. For an afternoon snack, eat an apple. For dinner, slice of white ham without skin, green salad, a tomato, two slices of bread, and a clementine for dessert.

-For menu 2: For breakfast, opt for fresh fruit salad, tea or coffee, and cottage cheese. For lunch, opt for 1/2 a grapefruit, grilled steak, steamed vegetables, and fresh cheese. For an afternoon snack, opt for two clementines. Finally, for dinner try making home-made chicken soup with two slices of wholemeal bread, and a pear.

3. A quick and easy recipe for slimming: Lose weight while you feast on this fresh salad. Cut a tomato, carrot, half a red pepper, half a yellow pepper, shallot or sweet onion, and a Granny Smith apple into small pieces, then mix. For seasoning, use a spoonful of 0% fat white cheese or fromage frais, a spoonful of vinegar, some fresh basil leaves, salt and pepper. You could accompany this fresh salad with a chilled beetroot soup.

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