How to Lose Weight If You Tend to Snack Between Meals

Read on for our best weight loss tips for people who like to snack between meals.

How to Lose Weight If You Tend to Snack Between Meals
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How to Lose Weight If You Tend to Snack Between Meals

Do you always have a little chocolate bar lying around in your desk drawer? Admit it, snacking is something of an addiction for you. You can't help but nibble on sweet and savoury snacks alike regardless of whether you're hungry or not. We get it, they can be hard to resist. But if you want to lose weight, you're going to have to make an effort. Here are all of our best tips to help you feel more comfortable in your body and resist the temptation of snacking all day long.

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Plan your meals right

The first question to ask yourself if you snack often: what are your meals made of? A varied and balanced diet is non-negotiable. Your body needs fuel to function properly. So make sure your lunch and dinner are balanced and nutritious. They should include vegetables, animal and/or vegetable proteins, and once a day, starches. If you're still hungry after meals, consider having a plate of raw vegetables as a starter, and wrap it up with fruit (eg. an apple, banana or orange) for dessert.

Swap out junk food for healthy snacks

If you feel a little hungry or need a boost during the day, go for healthy snacks. Unfortunately, snacking on sweets will lead you down a snacking spiral. Sugar calls for more sugar, remember that. Consider cleaning up your pantry and buying healthier replacements for the usual cookies and chips. Almonds, nuts, wholemeal bread, energy balls, a square of dark chocolate, a homemade smoothie, a nice cup of tea... These options will always be healthier than chocolate bars or cookies.

Treat yourself from time to time

The greater the frustration, the more serious the snack attack will be. Whether your goal is to lose weight or just to clean up your diet, you have to treat yourself every once in a while. Food is fuel but it is also a means of socializing and a source of pleasure.

Drink enough water

One of the main reasons we snack is that we're actually dehydrated. When you feel like having a snack start by having a full glass of water. If after 15 minutes you don't feel like snacking any more then you probably just needed water. So remember to drink regularly throughout the day.


Exercise is essential for weight loss. Engaging in physical activity two to three times a week on top of having a healthy diet will be very effective. Not only will you gain muscle mass but you will also lose fat and feel better, and regular physical activity will definitely compensate for the occasional snack. Ideally, do a mix of cardio and strength training exercises.

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