Eat these fruits to avoid putting on holiday weight

Are you dreading the festive meals and all those calories eaten within a few days? Don't worry, we've found the solution to have a great time without feeling guilty afterward!

Food:What fruit to eat to avoid putting on holiday weight
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Food:What fruit to eat to avoid putting on holiday weight

The end of the year festivities are fast approaching, and with them the fear of putting on some extra kilos. But researchers at the University of Liverpool may have found the miracle solution to enjoy the festivities without depriving yourself of gluttony!

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Cure for dieting

In fact, all you need to do is eat prunes! Indeed, this fruit, which is best known for helping to overcome intestinal problems, would also help control one's appetite and would even promote weight loss.

To reach this conclusion, British researchers conducted a 12-week study. During the first phase of the study, the volunteers, divided into three groups, had to eat either prunes, sultanas, or sweets before a meal. This first experiment showed that people who ate prunes consumed fewer calories during the next meal and felt fuller more quickly.

Professor Jason C. G. Halford, President of the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO), said:

These studies demonstrate that dried fruit can both produce satiety and be incorporated into the diet during weight management.

Catalyst for weight loss

In the second phase, people were divided into two groups to study the impact of prunes on weight loss. The first group had to eat prunes every day, while the second group only received advice on their diet, but were free to eat what they wanted.

And the results are there: the first group lost a little more weight than the second and, above all, the participants said they felt that it had been easier for them.

Professor Halford noted:

This is the first data to show both weight loss and the absence of negative side effects when eating prunes as part of a diet.

Now you know what you need to do to avoid a liver attack!

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