The Benefits Of Homeopathy For Losing Weight

Have you ever wondered if homeopathy could be used to help you lose weight? Ohmymag will give you everything you need to know about homeopathy and losing weight.

The Benefits Of Homeopathy For Losing Weight
The Benefits Of Homeopathy For Losing Weight

The Benefits Of Homeopathy

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1. Benefits: Homeopathy has many benefits, including helping you lose weight. According to the active ingredients that you use, homeopathy will allow you to target the areas you want to refine (stomach, hips, waist), fight against water retention, cellulite, bloating or cravings, but also to detoxify and purify your body. Of course, homeopathy alone is not enough to lose weight: it is simply a complement and a help, as part of a healthy and balanced diet and a program of physical activity.

2. How to use homeopathy: Before you go to the pharmacy, determine which areas of your body you want to refine. If you want to target your waist, take 20 drops of Pilosella, diluted in a little water, three times a day for 3 weeks - making sure to take breaks between treatments.

-To fight against bloating all over the belly, 2 granules of China Rubra 5 CH, morning, noon, and evening, should relieve you.

-To fight against cellulite, several active ingredients can help you, depending on your situation. It is best to seek advice from your homeopathic doctor.

-To fight cravings, there are also different homeopathic remedies: if your hunger is insatiable and permanent then take 2 granules of Antimonium Crudum 9 CH three times a day. If you have cravings that make you gorge on sweet treats then take a dose of Sulfur 9 CH every week.

-If your problem is mainly water retention, on your entire body then 2 granules of Thuya Occidentalis 5 CH three times a day will drain your body.

3. Side effects of homeopathy: There are usually no side effects to homeopathy, apart from the known allergies to the components of the granules. Lactose and/or sucrose are added to the active ingredients to give them their form, so people allergic to lactose and/or sucrose will not be able to consume these products.

On the other hand, If you are prone to sensitivity and irritations then you may notice a worsening of their symptoms when they are treated by homeopathy. It is usually sufficient to increase the dilution or to further space the intakes to reduce the symptoms.

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