The Benefits Of Using Ginger For Slimming

Ginger is reputed to be an excellent weight loss food, but how should it be consumed in order to help you lose weight? Oh My Mag gives you all the tips you need to enjoy the benefits of ginger.

The Benefits Of Using Ginger For Slimming
The Benefits Of Using Ginger For Slimming

The Benefits Of Using Ginger For Slimming

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1. Benefits of ginger: Very common in Asian cuisine, ginger has many benefits, especially if you want to lose weight. This root promotes the healthy functioning of the digestive system, which allows a better absorption of nutrients.

Ginger also has a thermogenic action: it stimulates the metabolism and therefore has a fat and calorie-burning effect. Ginger is therefore excellent for losing weight, eliminating fats, and purifying the body in a global way by promoting the evacuation of toxins and waste.

Even better, it also helps limit cholesterol and strengthen the immune system. Not to mention its beneficial action on the skin: ginger is a recognised antioxidant food.

2. How to consume ginger: The easiest way to consume ginger is in ginger tea: grate the equivalent of a teaspoon of fresh ginger then put the water to boil, then brew the grated ginger for about 5 minutes. If ginger crumbs have fallen into the cup, filter the brew and then add some honey. Drink immediately.

You can also use ginger as a condiment for your salads, instead of a traditional salad dressing: grate fresh ginger, mix it with the juice of a lemon, and season your salad with this mix. You can avoid the fats contained in the usual salad dressing while consuming a natural fat burner!

Another solution to consume ginger, combining it with the slimming benefits of lemon: a ginger-lemon infusion, to drink in the morning on an empty stomach. To do this, simply bring water to the boil, add a thin slice of ginger and let infuse for about 5 minutes. When the ginger has infused, add a teaspoon of lemon juice and enjoy.

3. Side effects of ginger: It is best to avoid ginger during pregnancy, because of its effect on the fetal hormones. If you are diabetic, it is recommended to talk to your doctor about your intention to eat ginger as part of a slimming diet: because of its natural hypoglycemic action, it can interfere with medical treatment. Finally, you should know that, consumed in large quantities, ginger can cause pain and heartburn, flatulence, bloating, nausea or heart problems.

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