Here is how eating garlic can help slim you down

You might have heard a friend or a relative going on about the benefits of garlic for slimming but you might not have believed them.

Here is how eating garlic can help slim you down
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Here is how eating garlic can help slim you down

The Benefits Of Eating Garlic

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1. Why garlic is good for you:

Garlic is a health food par excellence. Moreover, its properties have been known since the dawn of time: it was already used as an antidote by the ancient Romans because it is a very effective antiseptic for the respiratory and digestive systems. In addition to its blood-thinning action - which prevents atherosclerosis and angina pectoris - it stimulates digestion thanks to its favourable effect on the gut microbiota. Finally, it contains a high level of vitamins of groups A, B, C and E which is ideal to fight colds in winter!

Its main weight loss benefit is that it allows you to feel full more quickly: if you season your salads with garlic, you will be more quickly satiated, and you will add less dressing because it's tasty enough already! Garlic also stimulates the metabolism of the body, thus helping to burn calories.

2. How to consume garlic:

It is best to sprinkle garlic in your meals rather than chew on a clove of raw garlic! Its taste is powerful, you may have difficulty eating it alone. So you can add a crushed garlic clove to your soups, salads, marinades, seasonings (pesto, various sauces). If you fear the smell of garlic - and fear bad breath after eating garlic - there are capsules containing deodorised garlic. But knowing that the active ingredients of garlic are mainly contained in its "juice", their effectiveness is called into question.

3. Side effects of garlic:

Garlic is a true health food, but don't overdo it! If ingested in excess, it can cause gastric problems. Its effect on blood glucose can cause problems for people with diabetes who consume too much.

Finally, and famously, it gives the breath a special smell! This is due to the gases it releases during chewing and digestion. Brushing your teeth or chewing gum after eating garlic has almost no effect to alleviate this smell: it takes about 3 hours to disappear! However, it seems that chewing sprigs of parsley or mint leaves might help to mask the smell of garlic.

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