Unexpected Foods That Contain Sugar!

Who would've thought there was hidden sugar in these foods?

Unexpected Foods That Contain Sugar!
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Unexpected Foods That Contain Sugar!

Just because it's "diet" or savoury food, does not mean it doesn't contain any sugar.This Instagram account reveals how many cubes of sugar are hidden in everyday foods, particularly in processed ingredients.

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What foods containsugar?

Unsurprisingly, there's a lot of sugar in processed cookies: Milka cookies contain more than 20 cubes of sugar, a small Kit-Kat bar contains 8, and there are 14 sugar cubes in a dark chocolate bar with almonds... They're sweet treats, though, so we're not surprised.

But, get this: there are 4 cubes of sugar in a can of peas, 5 cubes in pumpkin soup, and 9 in a box of organic hazelnut milk...which is a bit alarming. We should probably pay a little more attention to food labels when we're grocery shopping...

Why do these foods contain sugar?

Food engineers compensate with sugar to save money, preserve the product, and make processed food more palatable. That's how certain foods can be marketed as low-fat: their fat content is reduced, but they contain more sugar! The problem is that the more sugar there is in food, the more consumers eat it... An addiction that shouldn't be taken lightly.

How can you limit your sugar consumption?

To limit your sugar consumption, choose the least processed products possible. Make your food at home and keep a close eye on food labels: if the carbohydrate content is extremely high, put that product back on the shelf. Your body will thank you.

For more details on unexpected foods that contain sugar, check out the video above the article!

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