Mixing these medications with coffee can have disastrous consequences for your health

Britons drink an average of around 162 liters of coffee every year. Few people think about the health effects. However, the interactions with medications should not be underestimated.

medications coffee mix danger health risks
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medications coffee mix danger health risks

Many people can't get going without a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Several studies have shown that the drink is also good for your health in certain quantities. The timing of coffee consumption is also important to avoid interacting with the stress hormone cortisol. However, some people are better off avoiding it completely.

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Coffee can inhibit or even enhance the effect of medication

The world's favourite drink can reduce the effect of antidiabetics, Alzheimer's medication, antihypertensives and medication for hypothyroidism, which can be dangerous. In the case of cardiovascular drugs, the effect even increases and can lead to even greater health problems.

With aminophylline for asthma and COPD, the side effects are intensified by the addition of coffee. When taking antidepressants, the opposite effect occurs: the side effects of coffee are exacerbated, which can lead to palpitations, among other things. With risedronic acid, which is used to treat osteoporosis, care must be taken to maintain a good time interval between coffee consumption.

Not only coffee, all caffeinated drinks or foods should be avoided

People who take iron tablets should avoid caffeine and tea. The reason for this is that the tannins they contain can inhibit the effect of medicines. Ibuprofen or paracetamol should only be taken at intervals from caffeine. To prevent circulatory or heart problems, you should also check whether your medication already contains caffeine, such as Thomapyrin. Otherwise you are taking too much.

Drinks containing caffeine should also be avoided in the case of other illnesses. It is better to stay away from these foods and drinks if you suffer from stomach and intestinal complaints or bladder weakness due to the stimulation of bowel and bladder activity and in the event of panic attacks due to possible restlessness.

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