This is how long humans can last without drinking water

How long can you survive without water? After long investigations, a research team has come to a disturbing conclusion: fatal symptoms set in earlier than previously assumed!

This is how long humans can last without drinking water
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This is how long humans can last without drinking water

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you ran out of water on a trip? How long would your body last without drinking? American research teams got to the bottom of this question. We can tell you in advance: it's shorter than you might think!

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Fatal consequences of dehydration

As the water slowly disappears from a body, the amount of blood circulating in it also reduces. In response, blood pressure will drop to a dangerous level, which without treatment can have dire consequences.

As the Medical Center of the University of Rochester points out, physicians generally consider a loss of water of around 10% of a person's body weight to be an emergency that requires immediate professional help. But how long does it take for this to happen?

Not even a week without water

Without solid food, the body makes it about three weeks before it runs out of strength, states Claude Piantadosi of Duke University. But if you don't drink anything either in the meantime, it can get risky much more quickly.

Piantadosi reveals that a person can't even go a week without drinking. After three to four days without water intake, y our life is in danger. In an interview with NBC News, heexplains:

About 100 hours without drinking is possible at moderate temperatures. If it's colder, even a little longer. If you are exposed to direct sunlight, a little less.

First symptoms often remain unnoticed

After this, the first symptoms of dehydration set in, which are often not recognised by the person affected. What they are not yet aware of at that point is, if action is not taken now, they could be putting their life at risk.

So it's best not to let it get that far in the first place and always have enough water with you. By the way, the older you get, the more water you should drink. So it is best to get in the habit of it now!

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