These 5 habits are extremely harmful to your health on the long run

Habits are good when they make sense and are beneficial in the long term. Because in the world of habits, not all are good habits.

5 bad habits health risks well-being
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5 bad habits health risks well-being

As the American philosopher Granville Stanley Hall once said:

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Man is a creature of habit, and many of the things he does are simply automatic reflexes in response to stimuli in his environment.

When habits are good, that's great, a little less so when they're detrimental to health. So, which seemingly harmless habits are actually harmful?

The devil is in the details

When we think of 'bad habits', we often think of those of the extreme: eating too much fat, salt or sugar, not drinking in moderation, getting little sleep, smoking, not doing any physical activity... No, the ones we're talking about here are rather innocent in appearance; but, repeated over more or less long periods, they damage our well-being and our health.

Top 5 bad habits

A little effort goes a long way, much less so. Here are the habits that are slowly damaging your health.

Not airing your home regularly

It may seem an easy thing to do when the weather's fine, but experts recommend that you air your home every day. Even in the dead of winter. The reason? To avoid a concentration of pollutants in the air. These pollutants often come from the household products you use. As a result, your respiratory system is happy.

Use a plastic kettle

Several studies show that we regularly consume microplastics without our knowledge, via our food. And the cup of tea or coffee you're about to make yourself contributes to this slow contamination with a plastic kettle. Under the action of heated water, plastic agents can detach and contaminate your water.

Straightening your hair

An American study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute has shown that women who regularly straighten their hair increase their risk of developing uterine cancer, fibroids and alopecia.

Using Vaseline as a moisturizer

The key ingredient in many cosmetics products, petrolatum, better known as Vaseline, is simply petroleum jelly. Occlusive, it prevents the scalp and skin from breathing. Manufacturers are crazy about it, as it's an inexpensive ingredient with a shiny effect that gives the false impression of moisturizing.

Mix yogurt and fruit juice

Who hasn't dreamed of recreating those Dantesque breakfasts you see on TV? A source of fiber, a dairy product and fruit. But before you get started, you should know that this is a very bad combination, as cow's milk and fruit are far too aggressive for the stomach and digestion, according to several nutritionists. The alternative? Either one or the other, and if you really want both, opt for yoghurts made from vegetable milk, ewe's or goat's milk.

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