Shapewear for a curvy body: is it worth it, and what are the best brands?

Shapewear can be a great confidence booster, but it is certainly not for everyone. Let’s go through the pros and cons of using these wonder undergarments and find out what are the most value for money brands on the market.

Competition winners pose during a photo shoot for FIGUR shapewear at SunStudios in Australia
© Photo by Don Arnold/WireImage
Competition winners pose during a photo shoot for FIGUR shapewear at SunStudios in Australia

Shapewear is basically an evolved corset, just much comfier. But don’t be deceived by the smiles of the models who advertise it. It takes some time and effort to first squeeze into these sleek garments and then learn to feel 100% yourself in them.

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Thankfully, modern shapewear is designed as 'second skin', is a very inclusivefashion industry, and, in most cases, serves its purpose well.

Pros of Wearing Body Shapers

You can definitely visibly drop 1 to 3 sizes instantly by wearing shapewear. With all the flabby muscles neatly held tight and in place, you will appear in a more toned body.

The iconic hourglass shape can also be obtained by using these wonder undergarments. Whether you’re slim or plus-size, they will do an equally good job for you.

Body shapers worn on the waist are also known to support your back and improve your posture.

And of course, you’ll get a huge boost in confidence, which might be the most important pro.

Cons of Wearing Body Shapers

Shapewear does take time to put on and take off and requires quite a bit of squeezing into and adapting to. So, naturally, bathroom breaks have to be planned in advance.

Like any tight garments, shapers can compress the muscles and lead to breathing and digestive difficulties. Too tight shapers can also put pressure on blood vessels and affect blood circulationMedicineNet writes. You should definitely consult your doctor about wearing shapewear if you have underlying conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

Shapewear can also be an expensive business, especially since you’ll need to buy more than one piece for everyday use.

What are the best shapewear brands?

If the pros outweigh the cons for you, you need to find perfect pieces that will cover your body’s unique needs. While the shapewear market is huge, it’s simply impossible to test everything yourself. Thankfully, the Independent did it for you and revealed the most comfortable shapers in 2022.

Heist Highlight high-waist shorts, £65 on

‘Firm but not too tight’ Heist Highlight high-waist shorts were described as the best in their category. Not only did they glide on unlike many other pieces, but they also felt extremely secure and supported in all the right places.

Miraclesuit waist cincher, £42 on

If you are after a defined silhouette and want to fit into this tight dress or those high-waisted trousers, Miraclesuit’s waist cincher is for you.

Thong bodysuit and sculpting briefs by Skims, £78 and £32 on

Kim Kardashian made quite some buzz with her shapewear brand Skims, and, as it turned out, for a good reason. Their essential crew neck thong bodysuit was selected as the Best upper-body control by the outlet, while their sculpting mid-waist briefs were praised too.

Magisculpt No VPL Padded Firm Control Black Slip, £17 on

Magisculpt No VPL Padded Firm Control Black Slip made the best streamlining effect, with a visibly slimmer body.

M&S firm control sheer stripe knickers, £15 on

The affordable M&S firm control sheer stripe no VPL high leg knickers were described as the Best everyday shapewear knickers.

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